Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Prep and Paint


My name is Mark Stilwell, General Contractor (CCB 204226), and residential exterior painting is one of our primary services here at Home Improvement Experts in Eugene, Oregon, so I’d like to tell you about it.

First of all, here are a few examples of exterior painting my team has completed:

  • Exterior House Painting
    Large house with difficult Chimney

A few things to consider:

Doing the right prep work is essential to having a long-lasting finish, and with exterior painting, it starts with pressure washing. To help fight against grime and moss, we sometimes use a mixture of bleach and TSP along with pressurized water. This level of cleaning is important in order to allow your final paint film to properly adhere with the substrate. Then there’s caulking, patching, priming, and occasionally dry rot repair that needs to be addressed before applying paint. If we discover dry rot issues when we are preparing your house for paint, we will always tell you first, and then proceed in the direction you’d like to go, such as replacement of rotted trim or siding.

Whenever we spray the body of a house, we spray, then back-roll with a roller, and then spray the final coat. This allows the paint film to bond to itself as it cures. One exception to this approach is with garage doors and metal buildings. Their surfaces are so smooth that back-rolling would cause unwanted texture. Once the body of the house is painted, we move on to the trim: windows, doors, and fascia boards. This involves cutting in with a brush and occasionally rolling. Finally, we paint doors and finish final touches.

Not all caulking is made the same, nor do they protect to the same degrees. Some factors include density, flexibility, adhesion, and proper application techniques. Too little caulking, and the seal might fail sooner than later. Too much caulking, and you’ll be left with sloppy work. My team applies caulking properly for aesthetics and protection.

Let’s meet to discuss your exterior painting needs! My team is ready to serve you, starting with your free estimate. Feel free to call me at 541-999-5588. And be sure to like Home Improvement Experts on Facebook. Thanks, and have an excellent day!

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