Window Replacement

Whether you need one window replaced, or 30, Home Improvement Experts is the team that does window replacement right. My name is Mark Stilwell, General Contractor (CCB 204226) with Home Improvement Experts in Eugene, Oregon, and I’ve been replacing windows for clients for 20 years.

Here are a few examples of window replacement:

  • home addition, renovation, new siding, front steps

A few things to consider when getting window replacement:

Oftentimes, improper use of nails, screws, barrier tape, barrier paper, and caulking will cause water intrusion around windows, potentially causing water damage and rot. If one window is affected, it’s a good idea to inspect other windows, too. In the instance of further damage, my team can also take care of your dry rot repair needs, but we will never recommend services that you don’t actually need.

If your windows were installed before 1978, it’s important that you get a contractor that is certified to remove lead paint during your window replacement, which might have been painted on the trim and surrounding areas. If you hire a contractor that isn’t qualified to remove lead paint safely, there is a possibility that they would pose a risk to your health, their own health, the health of landscaped plants, and the edibility of homegrown food sources.

Let’s meet to discuss your window replacement needs! My team is ready to serve you, starting with your free estimate. Keep in mind, high quality is not determined by high prices, and low prices are not necessarily the best option, either. My goal is to find the solution that works best for you, and to cater to your needs.

Feel free to call me at 541-999-5588. And be sure to like Home Improvement Experts on Facebook. Thanks, and have an excellent day!

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