Home Additions

If you’re looking to expand the square footage of your home, perhaps adding a new bedroom or home office, we offer quality, well-planned home additions. My name is Mark Stilwell, General Contractor (CCB 204226) serving homeowners in Eugene, Oregon, and my team can do everything from hiring architects, to spraying out the final coat of paint on your new home improvements.

So let’s chat about home additions! But first, here are a few examples of new construction my team has completed:

  • framing, beams, home additions

So you’ve decided you need a home addition. Now what? Well, there are several things to consider:

It’s important to consider all the reasons that motivate your desire for home additions, since it’s quite a permanent change to your living space. Let’s do it right, from the beginning, with the expertise of a quality architect, good framers, plumbers, electricians, and everyone else that needs to be involved. As your general contractor, I will coordinate all the details to ensure a quality build-out that answers your specific needs.

Let’s meet to discuss the scope of possibilities when it comes to home additions! My team is ready to serve you, starting with your free estimate. Keep in mind, high prices don’t necessary equate to higher quality, and low prices aren’t always the best option, either. My goal is to cater to your needs, regardless of budget, so let me help you achieve your dreams.

Check with your bank to see if you qualify for a home improvement loan. In many cases, a bank loan can expand your options for a great build, especially when it comes to home additions, which are a more in-depth kind of project.

Feel free to call me at 541-999-5588. And be sure to like Home Improvement Experts on Facebook. Thanks, and have an excellent day!

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